Ralph Ortiz Ember leadership team

Ralph Ortiz
Vice President of Purchasing

Ralph Ortiz is the Vice President of Purchasing for Ember Education. He is responsible for materials and supplies acquisition, distribution and management, as well as providing training and supervision to support the operational needs of all College facilities and departments. He provides purchasing and distribution support for every campus, department and office.

Ralph exercises control over centralized purchasing and distribution, providing adherence to policy and procedure manuals he authored, and is responsible for the department-wide use of applications that outline budgetary analysis and forecast control of supply purchases and service.

Ralph’s 40-plus years of experience has helped Ember Education improve buying practices to save millions of dollars and increase the overall purchasing power.

Ralph has tenured experience and training in Facilities Operations, Inventory/Fixed Asset Control/Supply Chain Management, Project Management-Capital Infrastructure, Transportation Management, Capacity Planning, Space Utilization, Safety and Security, Shipping and Receiving, Warehouse Distribution and Domestic and Offshore Manufacturing.