Ginger Silverman
Vice President of Marketing Communications

As VP of Marketing Communications, Ginger provides Ember Education entities a wealth of expertise in results-driven marketing and advertising strategies. Ginger’s direction impacts brand marketing, interest generation, public relations, campus initiatives, and consumer education and communication. She is responsible for implementing, tracking and measuring marketing actions geared toward growth, clear messaging and positive professional standing for the colleges Ember serves.

Ginger brings a depth of knowledge to her position in the areas of digital marketing strategies and optimization, social media marketing, corporate communications, brand expertise and business expansion. She manages marketing campaigns from inception and plan to launch and measurement. She designs strategy with a clear ear to market need, toward shared success.

Ginger's current affiliations include Adjunct Professor, Business, Brandman University; Board of Advisors, Wilkinson College School of Humanities

Ginger was awarded a Master of Fine Arts (terminal) degree, Antioch University; a Bachelor of Arts degree (Summa cum Laude), Chapman University; Wharton Business School – Finance for Nonfinancial Managers.