Anthony Romo
Vice President of Enrollment and Graduate Services

As VP of Enrollment and Graduates Services at San Joaquin Valley College, Anthony Romo oversees the strategies and operations for several student-focused departments including Admissions, Financial Aid, Institutional Partnerships, Training and Workforce Development, and Career Services.

Anthony provides ongoing direction and support to campus leaders whose responsibility it is to guide students through the enrollment process. That support continues through students' preparation to enter the workforce with job search assistance and referrals to potential employers.

His previous areas of influence include responsibility for the Career Services Department, where he was instrumental in training and workforce development, institutional partnerships and talent acquisition. He helped design, improve that department’s performance, and integrate staffing concepts toward enhanced student support and positive education and career outcomes.

Anthony holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Management from National University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton.